Health Center “Dr Mladen Stojanović”

Public Health Institute “Dr Mladen Stojanović” Laktaši, promotes health and provides preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation conditions for all categories of residents in the fields of family medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, emergency medical help, radiological, laboratory and other diagnostics , physical medicine and rehabilitation, dentistry, as well as consultative-specialist activities, hygienic-epidemiological health care and preservation of mental health.

In the two central buildings of the Health Center, there are ten teams of family medicine, laboratory diagnostics, emergency medical assistance, RTT diagnostics, dentistry, pediatrics, gynecology, CMZ Center, CBR Center, internal medicine, technical services and administration. In four outpatient clinics, family medicine teams are located: in Slatina one team of family medicine, a team of family medicine in Aleksandrovac, a team of family medicine in Kriškovci and three family medicine teams and a CBR center in Trn.

By continuously investing in the education and training of staff, and by introducing modern achievements in medical science and standards of health services, the Health Center “Dr Mladen Stojanović” Laktaši, strives to raise and improve healthcare for the satisfaction of users and the community.


Address: Nemanjina 6
Tel: 051/536-121
Fax: 051/536-155

Center for Preschool Education and Education

Preschool was founded on May 13, 1982, and since 2008 it operates under the name Public institution “Center for preschool education and education”, Laktasi.

The main activity of the institution is upbringing, education, care and protection of children, the age of ten months to the beginning of elementary school. The capacity of the institution is 278 children, which are divided into 13 educational groups: four jasmine and nine kindergartens. Educational education programs are held at the kindergarten “Princess Katarina Karađorđević”, in Laktaši and the kindergarten “Stars” in Glamočani.

Integrated development program, rich in specialized development programs: sports and recreational, music and drama, folklore and English language.


Address: Mladena Stojanovića br. 3, Laktaši
Tel / fax Children’s kindergarten “Princess Katarina Karađorđević” Laktaši: 051 / 532-209
Tel / fax Kindergarten “Zvjezdica” Glamočani: 051 / 507-120

Center for Culture and Education

The public institution “Center for Culture and Education” Laktaši, was founded in 1955 and promotes various cultural programs through the organization of exhibitions, art colonies, concerts of classical and ethno music, theater performances and amateur theater festivals.

In addition to its cultural contents, JU “Center for Culture and Education” Laktaši is engaged in non-formal education, in which he organizes courses in English, German, Italian, French and Russian, as well as courses for computer work, with the aim of developing culture and education , and by increasing the quality of life in the municipality of Laktasi. For the work and realization of the program, JU “Center for Culture and Education” has a space of 1,420 m2 which includes: an art gallery, a cinema hall with 500 seats, a cabinet for informatics courses, three classrooms and an office space.

In addition to many exhibitions, concerts of ethno and classical music, in the desire to develop a theater culture in our municipality, a drama amateur group “DASKE” has been launched, which has realized over 20 performances for children and adults.
The “Lasta” art colony, which was founded in 2009, aims to encourage artistic creativity in the area of the Laktaška municipality, bringing together domestic and visiting artists in Laktaši, which significantly contributes to the development of regional and international cultural cooperation. To date, the gallery’s gallery has about 150 works of eminent artists.

In order to meet the needs of citizens, new program schemes are regularly introduced and interesting cultural events are offered.


Address: Karadjordjeva br. 58, 78250 Laktaši
Tel-Fax: 051 / 532-260, 051 / 532-217

National Library “Veselin Masleša”

Public institution National Library “Veselin Masleša” Laktaši is located in the building of JU “Center for Culture and Education” Laktaši on the surface of 196 m2 and with a fund of over 30,000 library units, classified into four professional departments.

In addition to the classical function, the Children’s Department with a fund of over 10,000 books also organizes the activities of “Creative Workshop” and “Little Librarians”, where creativity, originality, imagination, visual expressiveness and especially love for the book and written words are promoted through the work. The Department of Adults contains a fund of nearly 20,000 books in literature and other domains of professional written words, and besides that, it also has an enviable library of literary literature in foreign languages, especially in English and French.

The library also has a study room with a fund of 2,000 selected titles of professional books and computers, available to users and readers. The collection of the native fund is collected and formed with special attention. It covers a very diverse material from all aspects of the social, economic, cultural and political life of the municipality. Such a fund can easily reconstruct the development of the municipality through time and events.

The library is an active participant in all cultural manifestations in the municipality, so it independently organizes numerous literary meetings and book promotions, and organizes traditional manifestations “Days of the library” and “Library in the hiking.”


Lending Departments: 051 / 535-196
Study Room and Reading Room: 051 / 535-195
Director: 051 / 535-197

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 08.00 to 19.00, Saturdays from 08.00 to 12.00


Center for Social Work

Public institution Center for Social Work Laktasi performs its activities by applying modern professional and scientific knowledge, valid legal and other regulations, using methods of social and other professional work. By exercising public authorizations it provides social work services, cooperates with other public organizations and institutions, administrative bodies, humanitarian organizations and other physical and legal persons performing social protection activities in order to plan and improve the quality of life of citizens.
The Center for Social Work has been entrusted with the tasks of social, family-legal and child protection.

Social protection beneficiaries are persons who are in a state of social need:

a) Children: without parental care, with disabilities, whose development is hindered by family circumstances, victims of violence, victims of trafficking in children, with socially unacceptable behavior, exposed to social risk behaviors, which require social protection due to special circumstances;
b) Adults: materially unprotected and disabled, disabled, elderly without family care, socially negative behavior, victim of psychoactive substance abuse, victim of domestic violence, victim of trafficking and who needs social protection due to special circumstances. Interventions towards beneficiaries of the social protection system are realized through monetary donations, provision of social services and other measures aimed at meeting social needs, prevention and solving of social problems.

Basic rights in social protection that are realized through the Center for Social Work are:

a) financial assistance,
b) allowance for assistance and care of another person,
c) support in equalizing the opportunities for children and youth with disabilities,
g) housing in the institution,
d) care for the foster family,
ð) home care and assistance,
e) daily care,
g) one-time financial assistance,
z) counseling.

The activities of the Center for Social Work include child protection work:

a) reimbursement of wages during the period of maternity leave,
b) salary compensation during ½ working hours for enhanced care of the child with disabilities
v) maternity allowance (for unemployed maternity),
g) aid for newborn baby equipment for each child born in Republic of Srpska,
d) child allowance for second, third and fourth child, parents who receive minimum monthly income,
đ) satisfaction of children’s development needs through the project “Socialization of Children of Republika Srpska” (departure of children to the sea).
e) a pro-catheter supplement for the third and fourth child.

The tasks in the field of family-legal protection carried out in the Center for Social Work are: regulation of disrupted family relations, psychosocial support to persons who are victims of domestic violence, attempt to settle, motion to the court on the trust of children, entrusting children from extra-marital communities, regulating the contact of children and the parents after the cessation of their joint life, the supervision over the exercise of parental rights, the assessment of family and socio-economic conditions, custody of minors and adults, custody for a special case, issuance of certificates of business ability and consent, affairs in the process of adoption and others.
Address: Nemanjina 53, 78250 Laktaši
Telephone: 051 / 530-306
Fax: 051 / 535-606
Working hours: Mon-Fri from 07.30 to 15.30

Tourist organization of the municipality of Laktasi

Public institution The tourist organization of the municipality of Laktasi was founded in 2004 with the aim of promoting and improving the tourist offer of the municipality. Thanks to local government support, in April 2012, next to the archeological site “Rimske terme” in Laktasi, a new business facility of the Tourism Organization was opened.

In addition to the office space, there is an info center, a souvenir shop, an ethno room with an authentic ethnological setting and a conference room. All information related to staying in Laktaši, accommodation facilities, prices of services, tourist sites and the like can be found in the info center of the Tourist Organization, or by telephone and the Internet.

If you want to plan your stay in Laktasi yourself and get the necessary information in the fastest possible way, we recommend that you install your Android device “Laktasi Travel Guide”, which works in offline mode, to avoid roaming charges.

You can download the Google App of the Tourist Organization of Laktaši Municipality at the following link: Laktasi Travel Guide


Address: Kozarska 24, 78250 Laktaši
Tel / fax: 051 / 533-269

Sports Hall

Public institution “Sportska dvorana” Laktaši, was founded to perform activities and activities that provide organization and development of sports in the area of Laktaši municipality.
The facility manages the facility of 6,882.76 m2 and consists of: Sport halls with a capacity of 3,000 seats, with auxiliary facilities and equipment, training rooms measuring 25,8 x 13 m, with additional facilities and equipment, press room, VIP salon and cafe bar.

In addition to holding sporting events, the sports hall can be used for the maintenance of cultural and economic events, various fairs and the like. A number of sports events were organized at the Sports Hall in Laktaši: the Igokea basketball match – Panatenaikos, the Night of the champions – the boxing show, the International Judo Tournament “Laktaši OPEN” European Cadet Championship in Men’s Volleyball, “April 2013″, the final of the ABBALeague ” Final for “, a friendly basketball match of the national team of Serbia and Ukraine and other sports events of international, republican and regional character.

The Sports Hall in cooperation with sports clubs and the Association of Athletes of the Municipality of Laktaši is a co-organizer of traditional sports events with the aim of popularizing sports in children and youth.


Address: Nemanjina bb, Laktaši
Tel: 051 / 535-135
Fax: 051 / 535-305

“Budućnost” Laktaši

The communal working organization in the foundation “Budućnost” Laktaši, was founded in 1979, and today it operates under the name Municipal Utility Company “Budućnost”, the joint-stock company Laktaši.

The main activity of the society: collecting, purifying and distributing water, collection and treatment of wastewater and construction of civil engineering objects.

In addition to its core business, the company carries out drinking water transportation by tankers, pumping waste water with a special vehicle, producing thermal energy, performing construction works and providing other services.

Other activities for which the company deals are: Production and supply of steam and hot water, wholesale of construction machinery, wholesale of metal goods, pipes, devices and equipment for plumbing and heating, wholesale of tools, such as hand tools and other and foreign trade, import and export operations from the scope of the registered activity.


Address: Karađorđeva 63, 78250 Laktaši

Phone: 051 / 532-072, 051 / 530-645




“Komunalac” Laktaši

Communal company “Komunalac” ad Laktasi, was founded as a public company, of local importance, with majority owned by the Municipality of Laktasi (65%).

The Statute of KP “Komunalac” ad Laktaši defines the following activities of the company: collection and removal of municipal waste from households and businesses, maintenance of public hygiene throughout the year, mowing of decorated and unregulated grassland, funeral services, issuing drinks, winter road maintenance and maintenance roads.


Address: Mire Cikote No. 4, 78250 Laktaši
Tel / fax: 051 / 530-195